Dispatches: In the Court of Ken

Revealing investigation of the former corrupt mayor of London, Ken Livingstone aka "Red Ken" and his scary fusion of clever marketing and a hidden communist agenda. Like Galloway and other revolutionaries Red Ken has successfully been able to combine gullible leftists with the muslim bloc vote to gain power.

Martin Bright, Political Editor of the New Statesman, examines the lack of checks and balances on Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, which allows him to create and instigate costly and controversial policies, at public expense without wider scrutiny or approval. He uncovers serious concerns about the role and influence of the mayor’s special advisors and encounters a lack of transparency and flawed procedures at the heart of the London Development Agency, the public body which issues funds for regeneration. Along the way, he discovers something of the mayor's personal manners and habits - including his taste for a large glass of whiskey tossed back at his morning meetings

Review:"We are blessed with great television: a TV culture that can bring a documentary of such brilliance as Dispatches: The Court of Ken is in good health, both civically and creatively: one might say, morally. The scalpel Martin Bright took to the mayor of London was astounding."

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Frank Kitman