An Hour With Thilo Sarrazin - BBC Radio

Hello, this is Thilo Sarrazin.
I am glad to speak to you on BBC have your say all over the world
I am the author of a book which can be named in english "Germany is Doing Itself Away"

It has been a very succesful and controversial book. It still is.
It deals with the three issues:
Firstly Germany is shrinking. Every generation is one third smaller than the generation before
second, the brightest people get the fewest babies
and thirdly, if we need immigration, which one can discuss, we have the wrong kind of immigration

First question
"I am very irritated by the fact that Mr. Sarrazin is dividing the country instead of unifying it - Mr. Sarrazin Why are you actually dividing the country?"

- I am not dividing the country, I am pointing at some facts.
If I take the migrant population, which is as you say 16 million then there are about 12 million people from non-muslim countries, and they have no integrational problems at all. And all the integrational problems we have are concentrated
on migrants from turkey arab countries, africa. From Muslim countries. This is a statistical fact. And to call a fact a fact is not dividing people


Frank Kitman