Not Evil Just Wrong - Complete Documentary!

Absolutely brilliant documentary on the global warming hoax!
After Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore came out on FOX news the other day, once again declaring global warming a hoax (embedded below) one has to ask oneself "What more do you need?".
Why isn´t this blantant climate-lie being reported on every single news-outlet?

Let´s recap

Consequences of global warming hysteria

-Increased preference for natural gas
-Rejection of nuclear technology in favor low-tech alternatives with no military benefits
-Lowered productivity in capitalist societies
-High taxation
-Global wealth-redistribution, denying developing countries a real economy
-No drilling in the US
-Empowering of internationalist policy-bodies like UN and EU at the cost of Democracy
-Sabotage and international oversight of new technologies through constant demands of  "environmental testings"
- Supporting deceptive relaunch of the old Red´s as heroic "Greens" - after collapse of Communism
- Forcing large sums of hard science budgets into futile and alarmist arts of weather prediction
- Pushing of demographic Winter
- Immigration instead of reproduction

"Cui bono?"

When looking at above consequences I honestly cannot say, that I wholly agree with the title of this brilliant film. There is surely a a kind of method to this madness, Namely the interest of the international left and the soviets. There is, as Milton Friedman often said, the curious construction of "do-gooders in the front and special interest in the back".
Now, the do-gooders in the front might be "not evil, just wrong" - but certainly the special interest in the back  is "Not wrong, just evil!"

First, an old fun clip I made long-time ago, showing some of the archival footage of the "Global Cooling"-scare of the 70s - (a test-run or inspiration for the Global warming campaign)

Enjoy Patrick Moore´s wonderful appearance on FOX News below

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Frank Kitman