Oriana Fallaci :The Force of Reason - E-book .pdf and Full Speech: I Find It Disgraceful!

"Oriana Fallaci's seminal speech (from her 2002 Panorama article of the same title) about European anti-semitism and the unholy alliance between the left and the Islamonazis.

Special thanks to DANIELApuntoEbasta, who uploaded the original video, to whoever translated it in the first place, and especially to to Frank, without whom I could have never survived my learning-to-subtitle adventure.

The original translation, which is the only English translation of Io trovo vergnoso I could find, had several minor errors which I fixed, including entire omitted paragraphs (all in the second video), so this may be the first time you silly Anglophones get to read the whole thing. Youre welcome.

Video originally ripped from http://www.youtube.com/user/DANIELApu... and subtitled by yours truly."

"Yours truly" being the much missed Jdamn, who used to help out a lot here at Kitman TV before she went on to other probably more noble tasks :-)

pssstt!... Orianas Fallaci´s classic The Force of Reason is available as pdf here. (hat tip Al Salibiyya)
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