Islamic Rebellion - Thailand

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- Brilliant documentary defying media blackout on the jihad in southern Thailand.
In the Pathani region bordering Malaysia muslims has the demographic upper hand, and has as usual begun terrorizing and cleansing the natives of other faith. Targeting monks, teachers and law enforcement, through beheadings, torture kidnappings and rising crime-levels the islamic separatists achieve their goal of preparing for a new islamic state. It all follows the usual strategy of expansion known as Islamic Management of Savagery (Jihad-strategy book posted here), aided by bloodthirsty mujahids on mopeds, driving in from Malaysia to aid the Umma in their bestial practices.

Unlike Europe though, Thailand isn´t caught up in a New-age nirvana of pacifism. Instead the Queen and the Thai army have begun to systematically arm and train locals to enable them to respond to the jihadi gangs terrorizing them. A strategy that makes a lot more sense than the current management of decline, followed through-out the EU.

In order to fully understand what the management of savagery implies, and why it is so effective, I suggest readers visit zombietime´s collection of photos received from the Thailand Jihad (Warning Extremely graphic), and then ask yourself, who in their sane mind would leave the safety of their family in the hands of after-the-fact law enforcement, in the face of such threats?
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Frank Kitman