Crossing the Line - Further Elite Experiments on the Oldham Community

Part I

Part II

Part III

Thanks to BritishNeoCon for these uploads
Interesting series of films, showing how the stupid UK hippies now running things, finally get to do what they like the most - Creating mad social experiments and then getting paid for trying to "heal" the problems they themselves have caused

Can´t you just feel it... All these wonderfully interesting and diverse emotions now enriching Oldham? All right there, for the former hippies, now parading as the "creative class" to enjoy and "understand".

Try and close your eyes occasionally and just listen to the BBC script, completely devoid of guilt of course, but at the same time using a language which make it sound like a show from national geographic, with the producers setting up situations and intrigues to see how the different animals might behave.

Apparently BBC´s obsession with the "race-drug", to which it is highly addicted, got so out of hand that the school had to drop the film project and ban BBC from filming on their site.

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Frank Kitman