Freedom´s Fury

Thanks to Koriol1 for the upload and intro.
True story of the brutal clash between Hungary and USSR in the water polo pool at the 1956 Olympics. As the Soviet tanks were suppressing the peoples' uprising in Hungary, the Water Polo team decided to give the population something to cheer about by kicking the Soviets ass in the water polo pool. Narrated by Mark Spitz this wonderful film, with much archive footage, tells the story of that clash. It includes interviews with the surviving players and shows what the Hungarian people went through. The team gave the people at home the one thing that the USSR had tried to take away ..... HOPE. Everyone should see this film, not just sports buffs and I urge everyone, if they get the chance, to visit Budapest. Like a lot of Eastern Europe, it is a beautiful City and the people are most friendly.

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Frank Kitman