The Silent Exodus - Pierre Rehov

BINGO! The Silent Exodus - A hitherto unavavailable masterpiece from Pierre Rehov, the king of counter-jihad documentaries, has popped up online. Thanks to constructivereconcil for the upload. Uploader added following comments in the description box Please consider donating directly. I have no ties with his organization. This film is devastating to see, when combined with the reality of suffering on the Palestinians and the Jews since time immemorial, we selfish people need to get past the anger and attitudes, the "Angry Palestinian" crap that just makes it worse...time for liberal democracy. If the Arab Spring is a true democracy movement, then we must support it. If the Muslims Brotherhood tries to reverse the clock to the 1930s or earlier, we know how that ends.

This film is published to this channel by uploading under the Fair Use provision of US Copyright law. The intention is to take this critical film and the historical facts underlying its narrative to bring rational debate to the intractable war in the Middle East for the sake of those who live there, and for the sake of the world to the extent that where these disputes must be resolved quite simply because we need to use these funds for aid to citizens of the globe who need fresh water supplies, investments towards self-sufficiency, deployment of education resources, and so forth. We don't need more technology in warfare, the funds are used to replenish supplies. The funds just for the ammunition resupplies could bring water to every human on earth, with money left over for many other worthy projects. We need the peace dividend denied by post-Cold War belligerence.

Please visit the website and if you make a donation, ask for him to visit my channel and my proposition that he solicit donations for networking rental fees. This would work by allowing donors to pay for any specific films to be offered to visitors of the donor's web site. They would be able to buy a block of views the way that film rental is operated at sites like amazon dot com and others. Instead of paying for a certain IP range, they would be renting X number of views originating from that IP range. The only difference this accomplishes is that donors can contact friends and pay for them to view the film rather than simply encouraging friends to put up their own funds. They can do both of course, but to have a means of adding this option may help the cause of peace through truthful analysis of the facts and constructing a negotiated settlement based on reconciling these facts that today are not widely known.

As far as I know, Pierre Rehoven has done more for propagation of the truth than any other individual. I don't know his personal connection to these problems, but I can't detect any bias towards one camp or the other. He seems driven by the same values I have, that destroying Jews by destroying children is a root cause of unjust violence. Rough justice is only a last resort, and the only option available today because of the polizing rhetoric dominating the discourse for all topics related to Middle East peace and global terror.

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Frank Kitman