From the River to the Sea - Pierre Rehov

Thanks again for another brilliant Pierre Rehov upload by ConstructiveReconcil
Who also uploaded a short interview with the outstanding filmmaker. Please consider donating all your belongings to Pierre Rehov, so that he may finish his current project "Path Into Darkness"
"From the River to the Sea" is a revised version of the somewhat older "Hostages of Hatred", one of the few films to actually explain the situation of the palestinian "refugees".

The uploader adds the following comments
If any viewers would like me to pull out segments for a more focused discussion, I can upload any edits like that when requested. For example if you want to talk about a scene, specify start and end time. I can do the same
for multiple selections as well. Loading the entire documentary takes hours, but editing and uploading small sections is not hard and may be better for discussion for those who wish to. I am trying to teach facts and build consensus, not control how anyone thinks. If I can learn too, this is one of my life missions, to not overlook any learning opportunities. Thank you for any participation. -- I will do the same thing for any documentaries not already available if there are requests that can be legally met, I will do so. --
This film is published under the fair use doctrine of US Copyright Law, for education and commentary on the single most crucial political and social problem in the post-Cold War age; the intransigent Islam-based plans to dedicate the lives and deaths of all who feel connected to this problem, which is also exacerbated by an Islamic doctrine called "takfir" or deception in the service of Allah (an Arab Pagan 'moon god'). The problem with deception is that it corrupts all of who fall prey, so many people that one wouldn't always realize or consider. When you hear stories that get repeated on the news, and are "validated" by foolish deceptive people like Noam Chomsky and his protégés, then so many Palestinians suffer unjustly and blaming the wrong people.

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