Book: Jean Raspail - Camp of the Saints

One day in 1972 author Jean Raspail sat and looked out of the window onto the Mediterranean sea. As he looked onto the horizon hiding the vast African continent behind it, he asked himself

"What if they come?"

Unlike any other book he has written, the resulting book, Camp of the Saints, wrote itself more of less in one go. And it was only because it was finished before the speech-laws introduced by Perkel Lelouch and others, that it did not constitute a punishable thought-crime.

The Book is embedded below along with a brilliant interview with Raspail, from french television, translated and subtitled into English. Many thanks to youtuber Raspail2 for translation and upload. And thanks to Steen for finding it.
You can follow Gates of Vienna´s Camp of the Saints series here, monitoring the African immigration into Europe through the Mediterranean sea following "Arab Spring".  

Camp of the Saints


Frank Kitman