Muslim Persecution of Norwegians in... Norway

Thanks to r4wmaterial for translating and uploading.

"I feel like we have to work this ethnic society out, because it is coming whether we like it or not."

From anonymous:

This is a heartbreaking mini documentary about a Norwegian child named Elias who lives in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood in Oslo, Norway.
He goes to a school in that neighborhood and is constantly harassed by muslim children.
They beat him up, the tell him he will go to hell because he eats pork, they harass any children who arent muslims, he doesnt have any friends, and other things.

Also drawing from my own experiences as a ethnic Swede growing up in a multicultural neighborhood I can certainly say that the muslim kids there had a way of imposing their beliefs to the rest of the kids. They always talked about the quran, about their holidays like ramadan, they were served special foods, once a kid threw the quran on the floor and the others beat him up etc.

I would say that the mother of Elias is an idiot, but on the other hand she has just tried to embrace the multicultural society, not exactly understanding the implications it has had on her son.

Frank Kitman