Revolution and Betrayal in South Africa and Rhodesia

One of the VERY few unfiltered accounts of the revolutions in Rhodesia and South Africa - Highly recommended! - I took the liberty of transcribing the full speech of this Afrikaner Broadcasting film for reference.

Revolution and Betrayal in South Africa and Rhodesia

South Africa like the rest of black Africa has a very very complex racial break-down. South Africa has some 10 – 11 different tribes, they have different languages, they have different cultures. When they were migrating south, some 300 years ago, many of these tribes were actually fighting and killing each other off.
The Zulus, which was the largest of these tribes, when they migrated south some 300 years ago, (about the time when the whites were landing at Cape Town, and about the time when americans were landing in James Town) we saw the Zulus wipe out around a 150 separate tribes.
A second tribe is the Whites, two-thirds of those are Afrikaaners of dutch back-ground, and about a third of English back-ground.
Then you have the Coloreds (or Mulattos as we would call them), they don´t have a tribal culture or back-ground. They have a culture which is almost identical to that of the Whites.
You have the Xutus, Xcosas , which live in Transkei, the Kwa-Kwa, the Swanans from Bophuthatswana, the Xcosas which live in Ciskei and the Asians which are really Indians... So you have a situation, where you have all of these various different tribes, different languages, different cultures. When they migrated south several hundred years ago, they settled in what is called “Homelands”. These homelands are where the blacks voluntarily settled, years back.

This would be where the Zulus live, in Kwazulu, Transkei and Ciskei is where you have the the Xcosas live, and in Bophuthatswana is where you have the Swanans live, and in Venda you have the Vendans live and so forth. Now, four of these homelands have actually become independent countries, they have a stronger economy and greater population than probably about 45 countries in the United Nations.

In south Africa you have about 60-65 percent of the blacks live in a tribal context. They live out at the country-side, as subsistence farmers, they live in their crawls, they have their Village-Headman, paramount chiefs and so forth. They live on a tribal basis, much as they would have lived five-hundred or a thousand years ago. They are very content, and they don´t really understand the concepts of white western democracy, they don´t understand the concept of one-man one-vote... these things are pretty foreign to them.

Then you have 45-50 percent of blacks live in and around the major cities such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elisabeth and so forth. They work in the white mines, they work in the white factories, they have a standard of living and wages, which are approximately five times higher than those of blacks through-out black Africa. And as a result you have a tremendous influx of blacks into that country each year. In fact about half a million blacks a year, try to come into that country to live, because the standard of living and wages is so high in South Africa vs. countries to the north.

“Apartheid” simply means “separate development”, in order to take into account the different cultures of the various black tribal groups. Let me give you the story of Zimbabwe, because I think it is a good example of exactly the kind of thing South Africa can expect:

Zimbabwe had a multi-racial government. It was made-up of blacks and whites. It was one of the most prosperous countries in southern Africa. In 1976 however, we would begin to get a tremendous uproar in the western press, which climaxed in September of 1976 by Henry Kissinger (the secretary of state under Gerald Ford at the time) and he flew down to southern Africa, but he went first to Pretoria. And of course, the South African government had been given support to the Rhodesian government. Henry Kissinger went in and saw then prime minister John Vorster, and he said “Look, we know you have been supporting Rhodesia and we want you to stop. And if you don´t stop, here is what we are going to do: We are going to make sure that your Iranian oil is cut off, we are gonna make sure that world sanctions are placed against you. And furthermore, we are gonna make sure that the price of gold, is pushed down to some 50 dollars an ounce”.Gold made up 40 percent of the foreign exchange and the economy of South Africa, it was trading at around a 100 at that time, and the South African economy was very much on its back. Well, the South-African government thought about that very briefly, and then they told Ian Smith “You must go to black-rule, we have no choice” Kissinger then flew up to Rhodesia and he talked to Ian Smith, and some 24 hours later Ian Smith came out and said “My head is on a platter, what can I do? We will go to black-rule”. A number of agreements were made, including that they would move towards a transition-government. As they moved towards a transition-government, wrote a new constitution, the united states would lift the sanctions against Rhodesia. We would make sure that the guereilla-war stopped, push aid into Rhodesia. We would aid them as they went into a black government. Ian Smith, and the blacks and whites of Rhodesia, they abided by every single promise and unfortunately the United States broke every single one of its promises. Finally a black government under bishop Abel Muzorewa was elected to power in 1979. Still the United States violating the Kissinger accords, refused to recognise that government, and refused to lift the sanctions against that government. And finally, the United States State department and the British foreign office forced new elections on Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe, and helped place a communist by the name of Robert Mugabe in power. Then and only then, did the United States government lift the sanctions and begin to pump aid into Zimbabwe. Only when they had – not a black government, because for one year they had a black pro-western government and wouldn´t recognise it – but only when they had a black communist government.

Some of the black townships in South Africa are totally dominated by the People´s committees – by these communist committees operating under the control and direction of the South African communist party and of the African National Congress (ANC). The situation is very bloody in a number of the townships. And in fact I would like to read to you, very quickly a letter from a woman in one of the black townships, that describes what the situation has been like. Here is what she had to say:

The situation in our black township has become critical. Black civic leaders are brutally murdered. Black businessmen has their business premises burned to the grown. Their delivery vehicles destroyed, their families terrorised in the most horrendous manner. 

The memory of poor town-councilor Kinney Kinney (unsure of spelling), who was chopped to bits, roasted and partially eaten, was still horrificly clear in their minds. Here is a picture of town-councilor Kinney Kinney´s son.

The revolutionaries took he and his five sons out and they burned them to death. And they tortured them in the most incredible fashion, simply because they would not join in with the revolution. You here that thousands of people has been killed, but these people are being butchered by the revolutionaries – town councilors, mayors, businessmen, black policemen are being butchered in order to try and intimidate the black population into going along with the revolution.

- The other picture here is Marcy Kasconer (unsure of spelling).

she was a black girl who attended a funeral-rally. She was accused of being a government informer, thrown to the ground, she was stoned, she was burned to death. A few feet away a dutch news team captured, this on film – horrible pictures!

Now, they have a particularly terrible way in which they are trying to intimidate the black moderates. This particular technique is called a “the necklace-treatment” (Setting fire to a rubber tires placed around the neck of the victim). Some 600 blacks have died by the necklace treatment. 
And this picture shows what the necklace treatment looks like. 

The victim may take up to 20 minutes to die and while he endures this agony the comrades stand by laughing and ridiculing him. Often members of his family are encouraged to attempt to save him. The comrades know that this cannot be done. The molten rubber is similar to boiling tart and cannot be separated from the flesh. Some 600 men and women and children, with a human soul such as you, have been destroyed by the communist revolutionaries in order to intimidate the thousands and millions of other blacks into going along with the revolution. And yet the united states and the world press refuses to report these atrocities, because it would make the ANC and the communists look bad.

What about Winnie Mandela? She is the darling of the United States state department and the US press. The wife of a jailed communist revolutionary, Nelson Mandela. 
Here is what she had to say, she said: 

“Together hand in hand with our sticks and matches - with our “necklaces” - we shall liberate this country”. 
This is “liberation” communist-style, ANC-style in South Africa.

What about Nelson Mandela himself? Well, Nelson Mandela joined the African National Congress in 1944, was jailed for terrorism in 1962. It seems the he and his ANC-saboteurs were caught red-handed with 48.000 soviet-made anti-personel mines, 210.000 hand-grenades. 
During his trial a 62-page document in his handwriting entitled “How to Be a Good Communist” was offered as evidence. Here is what the man, who would be king said:

“Under communist rule South-Africa will become a land of milk and honey. In our country, the struggle of the oppressed masses as lead by the South African communist party – of which he was a leader at that time – and as inspired by its policy. We communist party members are the most advanced revolutionaries in modern history, and are the contemporary fighting and driving force in changing society and the world”.

Later on in another document, he went on to say:

”The people of South Africa lead by the communist party will destroy capitalist society, and build in its place Socialism. A transition from capitalism to socialism and the liberation of the working class, cannot be affected by slow changes, or by reforms - as reactionaries and liberals often advise – but by revolution. I must therefore be a revolutionary, and not a reformist” 

- That is Nelson Mandela. I believe that a quote from Edmund Burke is worth closing on. He said that “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”

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