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(WASHINGTON, January 17, 2012 ) The U.S. Department of States recently reported 9000 children missing in Uganda over the last four years. Traffickers transport children both inside Uganda and to other countries for use in ritual sacrifices.

ABC news reported a horrific story of a father killing his 17 month old son to sell his head for ritual sacrifice. The father said he wanted money to set up a business fixing bicycles, so he and his friend beheaded his infant son and sold his head to a wealthy businessman for $2000. According to the report, the businessman believed that the head of the child would bring him more wealth.

In other cases, exploiters traffic children to countries like the UK for blood ritual.

the recent economic development in Uganda is the cause behind increasing number of child sacrifice in the country. Pastor Peter Sewakiryaga, the founder of the Kyampisi Childcare Ministries church, told the BBC :

Child sacrifice has risen because people have become lovers of money. They want to get richer.

"They have a belief that when you sacrifice a child you get wealth, and there are people who are willing to buy these children for a price. So they have become a commodity of exchange, child sacrifice has become a commercial business." 

The Jubilee Campaign and Pastor Sewakiryaga are working together to obtain international support for better anti-child sacrifice legislation through a petition. They are hoping the petition will show international support to move the Ugandan government to fight child sacrifice more rigorously.

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. As he spoke to the Communities, Pastor Sewakiryaga expressed his wishes that more people in the U.S. would sign the petition to show their support for the victims.

(BBC investigative report embedded further below)

Child Sacrifice Report

Child Sacrifice in Uganda - Jubilee Campaign on BBC News - Part 1 from Jubilee Campaign on Vimeo.

Human Trafficking for Child Sacrifice - Jubilee Campaign on BBC News - Part 2 from Jubilee Campaign on Vimeo.

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