Sarrazin´s Germany

"If the German National Party says "the earth is round", I´ll not say it´s flat, just because they are far-right."
- Thilo Sarrazin
 Interesting left-wing documentary about the german social-democrat, Thilo Sarrazin, who whent on an anti-PC rampage about a year ago with his brilliant book "Deutschland Schafft sich ab" ("Germany does away with herself".) The book sold over a million copies.
It is truely a "no holds barred" account of the likely cultural- as well as genetic consequences of the insane current immigratio policy, destined to kill off the existence of Germany, in any meaningful sense of the word, within a few decades.

Many thanks to bettina for translating this important film!
I made a few posts with Thilo Sarrazin before, readers who are unfamiliar with his work, might want to start with them, here.

Thilo Sarrazin´s
Nine Conclusions Regarding European Immigration-Policy

1. No immigration policy, in whatever shape or form, is able to solve the key problem of our demographic development.

2. Whoever believes that problems of integration can be solved through more education alone
will compel us live a lie.

3. Immigrants are not simply immigrants. Immigrants from Eastern Europe, India, China, and Vietnam pose no integrational problems at all in their second generation.

4. All the important economic and cultural problems of integration in europe are concentrated around immigrants from Muslim countries. The successful integration of Muslim immigrants already living among us has to be given absolute priority over further immigration from Muslim countries.

5. Muslim immigrants have a troubling tendency to form parallel societies and are not able to intermarry with their new countrymen

6. It is the Islamic culture which is responsible for these problems, not the ethnic background. This culture is only marginally compatible with secular Western society.

7. The problems in economic and cultural integration of immigrants from Islamic countries mean that they have an unquestionably negative impact on the host society.

8. The European welfare-state model is not free of blame. Basic social security benefits far exceed the income they could obtain in their home country

9. Immigrants who (a) reject our culture, (b) have no education, and (c) are mostly attracted by the social benefits, and the prospect of bringing in large numbers of family relatives will cost our society more than they pay into it. With high barriers for the unskilled, and no social benefits for immigrants, around 90 percent of Muslim immigrants would never have come here. 

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