Zeru Zeru - Albino Medicine-Murders

It is my impression that many people think, that racism is mainly a problem of white people disliking or "discriminating against" black people. However in modern day Africa the discrimination against white negroes by blacks has consequences far beyond the realm of being offended or unwelcome.    
In Africa albinos have a very hard time, enduring insults, discrimination and ostracism all their lives. The chairman of the Albino Association of  Kenya, Isaac Mwaura, said 90 per cent of albinos in the region were raised by single mothers because fathers accused their wives of having an affair with a white man. “When I was born, my father said his familytree doesn’t have such children and he left us,” he said. He was lucky; a generation ago such pale-skinned children – also called ‘ghosts’ or ‘zeros’ (zeru) – were killed at birth.
But as if this wasn´t enough, witch-doctors now figured out that white negroes have much more ju-ju in their body parts than other people. This has made the price for a full set of "zeru" body-parts sky-rocket, by far exceeding the price of an innocent boy-child.
Due to the economic progress in african nations an IFRCCS report found that a complete set of albino body parts (limbs,genitals, eyelids, ears, tongue, nose and even skin) now can fetch around 75,000 dollars. These price-increases in the african muti-market  has lead to at least 10,000 white negroes being displaced or having gone into hiding.

A crazy manhunt has broken out in peaceful Tanzania. Bounty hunters murder and mutilate Albinos so that they can take their limbs.
According to the paranoid superstition streak that has been initiated by 161.000 Tanzanian witch doctors, the limbs of the bodies of those who were born without melanin in their skin bring good fortune and wealth.
A horror trade of human limbs has been set up and is spreading like fire in the neighboring countries. The Albinos are being slaughtered like animals.
- They are the Zeru Zeru, the Nobodies," the Ghosts".

A longer paper on the persecution of white negroes in africa is embedded furter below. For more medicine-murders in modern africa go here

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Frank Kitman