Frank Ellis - Race, Marxism and the "Deconstruction" of the United Kingdom

(Disturbing scenes from the London riots 2011)

For the present, there is the covert and overt war being
waged against the indigenous majority population, against its history,
language, folkways, culture and traditions. This is a war in which
multiculturalists exploit existing institutions - the legal system, the
education system at all levels (especially the universities), the print and
broadcast media, parliamentary democracy and free speech - to achieve
their goals. These methods are analogous to those used by Soviet commissars
to sovietise Central and Eastern Europe after 1945. Attacked in this
way, institutions retain their outward form but the heart is torn out, the
soul extirpated. Incapable of defending themselves, these institutions
and the people who work in them can no longer serve the nation state
that has created and nurtured them over the centuries...
Fissiparous and predisposed to conflict, multicultural states offer
unprecedented opportunities for an unaccountable and unelected stratum of race bureaucrats to regulate the lives of the majority.

Love of nation and allegiance to ancient standards of

genuine community block the path towards this transformation.

Powerful feelings of love and belonging have to be eradicated if

multiculturalism's goals are to be achieved. History, language and the way-

we-do-things have to be destroyed or corrupted...

Multiculturalism, like its Marxist-Leninist predecessors,

is showing itself to be preeminently the cult of the nation killer not the

nation builder.

From Frank Ellis - Race, Marxism and the "Deconstruction" of the United Kingdom. (Paper embedded embedded below)

Frank Ellis - Race, Marxism and the "Deconstruction" of the United Kingdom

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