Frank Ellis: Liberal Totalitarianism and the War against England

From the Traditional Britain Group, who hosted this marvelous talk by Dr. Frank Ellis at their Enoch Powell Centenary Dinner - 16th June 2012 at The East India Club . Be sure to visit their site and look around. For more Frank Ellis go here or here. I have embedded a pdf of Ellis´talk below the video, for people like myself who like to skim along in the script while watching

" Multiculturalism and globalization are not cosmic forces – tsunamis, earthquakes and meteorites – over which we have no control. They are man-made forces. One may grant – I find it difficult - that some of the adherents have what they believe to be noble motives. Yet their naiveté is all too readily exploited by those schooled in the ways of tyranny, forces cruel and wicked, depraved and unforgiving, mendacious and cowardly, and these forces, with the collusion of the gullible and the viciously stupid, ensured that England perished. Those who saw the dangers, such as Enoch Powell, Sam Francis, Jared Taylor, Thilo Sarrazin, Pat Buchanan and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, uncompromising Prophets of universal truths, yet loyal in their own ways to their distinct national beings, were mocked and derided as dissenters and bringers of strife and were cast out into the wilderness. And so an ancient nation so often resilient in adversity throughout her history disappeared because her sons and daughters of all classes and strata succumbed to love of squalid luxury, ideological compassion for aliens and accepted the false promises of equality rather than dedicate themselves to the burdens of survival, even as the liberal totalitarians were forging the chains to enslave them. We must understand that no nation has a right to exist. It arises and survives by self-assertion and defence of its interests; a nation sees itself as having a unique destiny. When that sense of special purpose or divine blessing no longer moves hearts and minds, when sufficient numbers no longer assert their national identity and defend it from hostile forces, internal and external, the nation mutates into fractious rubbish, and ceases to exist."

Frank Ellis - New Totalitarianism
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