Racist Grooming

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Series of interviews dealing with the ruthless harassment rape and sexual enslavement of white british girls by immigrants. These girls were let down by every authority they turned to, and their stories remain untold by mainstream media.
Their testimony is heartbreaking leaving the viewer with unanswered questions as to the reasons behind this systematic negligence of law-enforcement, social-workers, and media.The apparent reason for this negligence is that the perpetrators were non-white immigrants. It would take a truely brilliant psychiatrist to peel the layers, in this inference.
"Nobody did anything to stop the repeated cases of rape, beatings and sexual enslavement of white british girld because the perpetraors were non-white immigrants."

But the title alone does give a hint in the right direction... How did these cases come to be labelled "asian grooming" in the mainstream media?
Watching the interviews grooming is about as far away from the truth as anything, but maybe thats excactly what it is suppose to be.

Highly recommended!

compiled from http://www.youtube.com/user/bnprenaissance

Link: Racist Grooming interview series

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Frank Kitman