Pat Dollard Talks to Joe Cohen aka Al-Khattab from revolution muslim

Pat Dollard Talks to Joe Cohen aka Al-Khattab from revolution muslim on Jihadikiller Zone

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NYC Terror Supporter Yousef al-Khattab aka Joooey Cohen Calls Family of US Soldier Being Held by the Taliban to Lecture Them on Why Their Son Will be Killed….

Then again, if I had a wife as fucking butt ugly as Joooey’s I’d do anything to take my mind off the horror of having sex with her….


The Jawa Report:

The New York Taliban and Osama bin Laden supporter formerly known as Joseph Cohen, Yousef al-Khattab, claims he has called the family of American hostage Bowe Bergdahl.

Thank God that the Bergdahl family didn’t answer the phone, or they might have heard Yousef claiming that their son — who the Taliban are threatening to murder — is a “colonial occupier” fighting for the Zionists in Israel.

Here’s what Kattab says over at Islamic Awakening:

The Taliban Mujihadeen have captured a American (USA) colonialist occupier, and USAF Ret. Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski had stated HERE that “The Operation in Afghanistan is rooted in Israel”. This motivated me to call PFC. Bowe Bargdahl’s family who did not pick up the phone. The next best person I tried to contact was Sheriff Walt Femling & was kindly given the oppurtunity to leave my questions for him on his voice mail.

Unable to reach the Bergdahl famlily, Khattab calls the Sherrif’s office. He’s posted a YouTube video of the phone call here. The visual message overlaid on the phone call is an apparent attempt to equivocate between US treatment of terrorist prisoners with the treatment the Taliban are giving to Pfc. Bergdahl. No mention of the fact that the Taliban murder their prisoners.

The Sheriff is not available to take the call as he’s preparing for a press conference, but Khattab leaves a voice mail. In it, he identifies himself and says that he is calling the Sheriff’s office because the Bergdahl’s are not answering the phone and that the Sheriff is the closest person to the family that he knows of.

He quotes the retired Air Force colonel mentioned above linking Afghanistan to some grand Zionist conspiracy. He then asks the Sheriff three questions “about what the people in Idaho might think”.

First, he asks the Sheriff if he looks at Bow Bergdahl “as a hero or as a colonist occupier of a sovereign nation”.

Second, “What is your opinion now of the American Jewish population who Bow is facing a possible execution for furthering their interests.”

Third, “Do you feel at ease knowing that Islam forbids torture. So we know that Bow will not be raped or waterboarded like the American terrorist regime in Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, or the secret detention centers wherever they may be.”

Remember, this is a man who mocked Daniel Pearl and claimed he was glad Pearl had been murdered. He even prayed that the Taliban would murder a group of Korean hostages they were holding for the alleged crime of preaching Christianity.

Can you imagine the trauma of having a Taliban supporter call you while your son’s life hangs in the balance at the whim of the Taliban?

His intention was apparently to ask these same questions to the Bergdahl family that he asked of the Sheriff. If that isn’t an attempt to traumatize further an already traumatized family, I don’t know what is.

Khattab is a traitor, a scumbag, and an all around piece of excrement. He lives and works in New York City.

You can call Khattab at 718-312-8203.

Thanks to Jen who’s sickened over the reaction over at Islamic Awakening. Me too. And for the record, Bergdahl is neither a hero or some kind of Zionist tool. He is a victim. A victim of the Taliban terrorists and the evil Islamist ideology they represent.
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