Wanted: Mullah Krekar - Norwegian jihad II

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Thanks a million to vladtepesblog for preserving this marvellous program on sevenload. Due to his foresight this and many other shows have a life of their own online, in spite of quick and often surprising "copyright infringement concerns" on youtube. Considering the fact that a "NBC" search results in no less than 74.000 hits on youtube, it can hardly be a coincidence that a little program like this one is being removed the day after it pops up.
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Mullah Krekar: NBC The Wanted TV Show - July 21, 2009

mullah-krekar-nbc-the-wanted-tv-showMullah Krekar who came to Norway as a refugee from northern Iraq in 1991. His real name is Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad. Mullah Krekar is the leader of Kurdish Ansar al-Islam.

In July, 2009, Mullah Krekar was one of the subjects of the NBC’s new show “The Wanted”, describing him as “responsible for killing hundreds of westerners”. The focus of NBC The Wanted tonight. NBC’s The Wanted on Mullah Krekar is getting average reviews.

The LA Times says tonight’s show as follows:

The Wanted: Counterterrorism experts hunt for Mullah Krekar, founder of an international terrorist organization said to be responsible for killing hundreds of Westerners in this new series.

The New York Times says The Wanted has a good story presented in a gimmick fashion.

“Beneath many scrims of reality-show gimmickry and stagy “Dateline”-style melodrama, the episode raises a perfectly legitimate “60 Minutes” kind of question: Why is it that Mullah Krekar, who is a wanted man in Iraq and was deemed a threat to national security by the Supreme Court of Norway, is still at liberty in Oslo, even though his refugee status was revoked and the Norwegian government says it wants him gone?

The Times says the show is short on journalism and strong on show business, theatrical appeal:

“Reporting on “The Wanted” keeps being pushed aside by the demands of show business….In the premiere episode there is no collusion with any government entity, just a few theatrical but uninformative interviews with Iraqi officials and Norwegian politicians.”

Bottom lines, says the New York Times, is the show lacks journalism:

“There is a good story buried somewhere in the Scandinavian gloom, but “The Wanted” leaves it almost untouched. Mr. Ciralsky complains that “Norway is letting justice get in the way of justice.” NBC News is letting reality-show aesthetics get in the way of journalism.”
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