Curtis Lemay - The Quest For Peace

I uploaded this interesting conversation with General Curtis Lemay. A glimpse of what concern about National Security meant in a world without political correctness

Here is a good quote to start off with:
Whiteley: A second insight that you’ve wanted to share is that in your view we are at war, we have been at war since World War II.

LeMay: Well, that’s true. It seems strange to me that so many people don’t realize the fact that we are at war with Communism whether we like it or not. I don’t understand why they don’t understand it because in Karl Marx’s first Manifesto he advocated for more revolution, overthrow of governments by peaceful means if possible, but by force if necessary. And then his heir to the throne was Engels, who flatly said you couldn’t do it by peaceful means. It would have to be by violent means. And every Communist leader ever since has reiterated that point: overthrow of governments by force; world Communism, that’s their goal, and they frankly admit it. And they keep telling us and telling us and telling us that over and over again. Mr. Khrushchev even took his shoe off and beat on the table at Geneva, and told us that he would bury us. So we are at war with Communism - that is their goal. We’re not shooting at the present time but we’re at war nevertheless. And if anyone who has any doubts in their mind about it should look at the past recent history in the last 40 years at what has happened. Russia has taken over, and not only so many ethnic groups and what as we now think of as Russia, but Latvia, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, China is Communist. Now they’re going into Africa, and now they’re coming into our section of the world, Central America. So we are definitely at war with Communism.

Whiteley: A third insight that you’ve offered is that the arms race as it is thought of is far superior to a war.

LeMay: Well, once you accept this premise that we are at war with Communism, then it becomes a matter of strategy, tactics, how are you going to fight it. We have say three choices. We can give in, become Communist; intolerable to me at least, many other people in this country, too. The second is we can have an allout war, a shooting war, or I think there’s a third that’s attractive to me, and that is that we can build our strength to such a point that it would be very unprofitable for them to attack us. That worked in the 1950’s when we built up the Strategic Air Command to a point where it was such a strong and professional force that no one dare attack it. It’s doubtful whether that’s still the case or not because we, in my opinion, made a unilateral decision to disarm in the late 1950’s, and we’ve gone downhill ever since while the Russians have gone uphill.

Interesting to consider that this time they didn´t just pound the shoe against the table and say "we will bury you"... they flew airplanes into WTC killed 3000 people and made 10.000 terrorist attacks before we even consider admitting, that we are a war with an ideology.
- And they don´t even have nukes, but we are helping them with that, of course. Anything less would be racist.
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Frank Kitman