Jihad junior high

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This is an excellent documentary on the under-reported saudi "brainwashing for food" -program.

Critics in the West argue that Pakistan's madrassas glorify terrorism and should be shut down. But any proposed reforms are bound to be controversial in Pakistan.

At a madrassa in Pakistan, students are being trained by an army officer. Under banners saluting bin Laden, they pledge solidarity to the Taliban. This video, filmed in October 2001, demonstrates the links between the schools and military. The army uses the idea of Jihad to pursue its objectives in Afghanistan and Kashmir. "Who are we to tell them that they are militants or extremists or terrorists. It's all diabolical nonsense", states General Hameed Gul, former head of Pakistan's intelligence service. After the July bombings, it was revealed that at least one bomber had visited the madrassas. Musharraf announced plans to reform the schools. But these reforms have now been watered down. "We don't want to put 17,000 odd madrassas into jeopardy", explains Religious Affairs Minister Ejas Ul-Hug. Having already survived two assassination attempts by those who believe he is too Western, Musharraf is in a delicate position. He is telling the West what it wants to hear but real reform remains elusive.

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Frank Kitman