Khalid Yasin exposed in Australia

This is a video of ‘Khalid Yasin’ being exposed in Australia in 2005 by one of our journalists. This Journalist does a fine job of letting him hang himself! He used to come to our shores regularly prior to October 2005 but when this story broke he ran away overseas. It seems he was running from Muslims and our Government who wanted to interview him! He had told big lies to the Islamic community leaders in Australia who were sucked in and were funding his comfortable lifestyle. They were investing in his projects which turned out to be a total scam! He won’t want this video to get around. The piece starts off slow but winds up with a big body blow followed by an uppercut! If you are in a city where he is speaking it would be good to distribute the video to the organisers and ask them why they are hosting a lying thief who has defrauded their Islamic brothers and sisters in Australia. I would ask them if ‘Khalid Yasin’ who they are promoting is following the example of Muhammad!

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Frank Kitman