Weathermen - The real story

Big Thank you to sipothemba

CBC documentary from 1982 exposing the weathermen as part of the KGB "active measures" strategy. Their infiltration of the left-wing were aimed at distraction, discreditation, and destruction of the liberal society in favor of civil war and total expropriation of private property aka "the revolution".

Interestingly the liberation of Tim Leary from prison gained top priority, due to the obvious advantages of him pursuing his LSD-campaign further, poisoning the minds of millions of young westerners with czech made SPOFA LSD.

The current President of the United States of America launched his campaign from the living room of the most prominent members of the Weathermen and has written favourable reviews of their approach to the education of the coming generation of americans.

This is an excerpt but the full program will be added soon. I have a hunch that this might be another yet another one of the sober canadian programs where Bezmenov pulled some strings backstage. Highly reccomended.
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Frank Kitman