Crisis in the Americas

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"Crisis in the Americas" addresses how Chavez is turning his country into a forward base for terrorists from around the world including such organizations as Hezbollah and Hamas. This sanctuary offers terrorists a safe haven in which they can organize and plan their continued assault on civilization while offering a springboard for access to our unsecured Southern border as well as connections to the criminal networks operating there.

This documentary offers insight into how the Castro-Chavez axis, which together with their allies, are seeking to undermine democracy and free-market institutions in the western hemisphere. Unfortunately, the Chavez government is also seeking alliances with nations that are openly hostile to the United States such as Iran and North Korea as well as nations who are increasingly opposing the interests of America and its allies such as China and Russia.

"Crisis in the Americas" brings this threat out of the shadows and into America's living rooms. It offers footage that has never been seen in America and names the names of those in political and media circles who are assisting Chavez in his "political war" on America. In addition the analysis "connects the dots" to illustrate just how dangerous the Chavez régime really is and how a "global axis of evil is in formation through Caracas Venezuela."

Currently copies of this documentary are only available through our website to our members but we are hoping to find a broadcast partner who can bring this message to all Americans.
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Frank Kitman