Kinsey´s Paedophiles

Thanks to Hermitcleric for pointing my attention to this truely disturbing Channel 4 documentary from 1998 on the man who sparked the sexual revolution

It investigates the origin of the data on sexuality in children presented in Kinseys two bestsellers Sexuality in the Human Male" and "Sexuality in the Human Female." and finds that Kinsey and his mentor Robert Latour Dickinson not only based their assumptions on testimony from predatory paedophiles but also trained and equipped the most obsessive ones, in order for them to time and note their abusive child molestations in a scientific manner. Add to this the smirking letters, praising child abusers for their detailed accounts of their assaults on children, in some cases no more than 2 months old. Some of the sadist assaults commited by Kinseys "fieldworkers" later resulted in the death of infants.
Kinsey advocated sexual activities between the more "experienced" parent and their young children in order to help them achieve orgasms earlier in life, than would otherwise have been the case, and seem to hold to the idea that prohibiting this kind of intercourse is only due to moralising and cultural "conventions", which are at best forgotten. In other words Kinsey views culture as a destructive force obstructing the pursuit of pleasure and is blind to the fact that the protection of children from sexual activity is based on a deeper understanding of "consent" than Kinsey is able to study, and should actually be viewed as a cultural achievement. But in Kinseys world "orgasm" seem to be construed as "consent". A notion which is completely absurd when applied to the tables in his book elaborating on the masturbation of babies.
The quotes from Kinsey on this issue, is countered by the testimony of Esther White whose father collected some of the data published in Kinseys books. Equipped with a clock and notebook from the Kinsey institute he performed sadist incestious assaults on Esther and shipped back his findings. Esther has no doubt that the interest of the institute in the deviant sexuality of her father encouraged him further, and made him forget the moral implications of his activity. She recalls with great pain the massive abuse and finds it immoral that the Kinsey Institute use this data in order to "normalise" this kind of activity.

The reaction of the Kinsey Institute to these findings is even more alarming. While hiding behind the mask of "Medical Science" they refuse to pursue Esthers plea of a copy of her own records, at times appealing to anonymity at other to the "uncatalogued" and disorganised state of their archive. Both FBI and CIA have tried to obtain the "diaries" of the many child molesters contained in the archive, but have been met with the threat of complete destruction of all records.
- Seems like the knowledge of The Sexuality in Humans, is to be administered by the institute without critical scrutiny.

Highly Recommended!

Frank Kitman