Joseph Douglass - The KGB Drug- Rape of the Free World

Thanks again to LibertyInOurTime for posting this amazing lecture. Please watch this all the way trough, as I consider it to be one of the most important speeches posted on this blog.
After watching this lecture I thought to myself - Is it just me, or does a certain conclusion slowly offer itself, with regard to many a mysterious cultural phenomena in the capitalist world, since the "Summer of Love"?

UPDATE: evidence of Czech military LSD testing:

Summarising some relevant facts...

1. In the 50s international socialists make extensive testing of LSD to be used in the war against the west.

2 In the 60s international socialists starts to give away LSD for free at universities. And by careful use of left-wing journalism, starts a drug-fest culminating in a yearly consumation of 22 million LSD doses in america alone.

3. Gigantic, highly politicised, musical events flooded in drugs and propaganda are organised by socialists, encouraging everybody to have sex and defy the draft for the vietnam war.

4. The highest ranking defector ever, the Chzech general Jan Sejna tells national security advisers all about this subversive attack on western democracy, and even ran parts of it himself prior to his defection.

5. Data from american policedepartments can read out all these initiatives by examining the supply-side of the drug trade.

6 An analysis of the political agendas popularised among the politicised hedonists confirms, that ALL proposed initiatives in effect weakened the west in its ability to confront the "empire of evil".

-Add to this innumerous other interesting coincidents, such as the weathermen busting none other than Tim Leary out of prison. 

pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate!

An interesting example of just how deep this rabbit hole goes, is in my oppinion best illustrated by the tempting encouragement to "Make Love, not War". As any russian psychiatrist would tell you, a soldiers worst nightmare is coming home with all his honors, only to find his loved one in bed with one of the cowards, who stayed back home... Now, which "cultural initiations" would such a psychiatrist recommend to his superiours? Could it be something akin to "Free Love"?
And was it really random chance, that made "sex drugs and rock 'n' roll" coincide so beautifully with american soldiers going abroad? Take a look at the picture below. It is a "Purple Moebius" the official symbol of the "Free Love Movement".

Ring a bell?

One of the main objectives behind the extensive KGB drug-testing was to perfect different types of truthdrugs and interrogation techniques, enabling experts to obtain reliable information from POWs. Often the interrogator supplies the prisoners with drugs inducing a sense of extatic pleasure, followed by physical strain, and strategies of persuasion. This will in due time cause almost any person to give in, and do whatever "pusherman" says. Now, what most people don´t realise, is the fact that the chemical and psychological know-how developed within the framework of  these extensive tests, is directly applicable to psychological warfare. The only difference being, that the objective isn´t the extraction of information from an individual, but the instillment of dis-information into an innocent mind.
The officially endorsed school of psychology behind the iron curtain, was not the confused babbling of the frankfurt school, or even lesser so the later generations of french "non-discourse". The soviet authorities preferred with good reason, the experimental behaviourism of Ivan Pavlov, and his brilliant theory of conditioned responses. Pavlov even wrote 400 pages on dis-information strategies on Lenins command and spent most of his later years studying experimentally induced neurosis. It is therefore only natural to assume, that pavlovian behaviourism would have shaped the strategic thinking behind the psycho-political warfare aswell. Now, what might military psychiatrist, trained in Pavlovian behaviourism and highly experienced in combinations of  truth-drugging and interrogation techniques, recommend to his superiours, in order to enhance receptiveness towards socialist propaganda? I suppose the answer is rather straigh forward: "create an environment of stressing stimuli and extreme physical pleasure artificially, and embed our message herein". This way thoughtfulness is weakened and persuasion is motivated by itself, because the message is linked to the artificially induced pleasure. An individual repetetiously exposed to this "treatment" will accept the message because it has been linked with extreme pleasure and defend it like a loved one, if he feels it attacked by outsiders. Uhmm, Woodstock, anyone?
Following this train of thought one has to arrive at the nightmarish conclusion, that "Peace Love and Understanding" was little more than a skillfully hidden imperative: "Betray your country, betray your boyfriend, and pollute your mind, so as to never realise what you have done".
 For people like myself, pondering the deranged irrationality of the left, this explanation should not be dismissed without careful contemplation.
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