Moscows Assault on the Vatican

This is an interesting article detailing the desire of socialists to smear and discredit the catholic church.

I have been somewhat surprised that no one really cared to mention, that the latest scandal surrounding the Pope seems to be little more than simple recycling of an old, albeit extremely succesful disinfo campaign, waged by atheist socialists against the vatican.
The hypocrisy however, should be obvious to anyone.
Afterall, it was the socialists that did away with all obscenity laws, encouraged promiscuity and celebrated polymorphic libido. These things surely did more to bring out the thousands of creepy pedophiles pursuing new found desires than prayer and bible studies.
In fact the guru of the sexual revolution  Dr. - "Let´s Talk About Sex" - Kinsey advocated sex between parents and their children. He even paid predatory pedophiles for reporting on their "findings," thus encouraging further sexual assaults on children - some of which even claimed the life of the victim.

All this, of course in no way keeps socialist media from spinning one of their classic  "proof by counter-intuition"-theories. Namely:

A man, who decides to abstain from sex in order to dedicate himself to prayer and worship, will develop a tendency to rape little boys

Isn´t it just brilliant!

I will not go into the many scary details about the pedophilia scandal of the nineties, but will certainly recommend everyone to simply read the wiki-entry on this subject, and pay attention to some of the many oddities emerging from the statistical data on the subject. Below are listed a few interesting facts

-In spite of being a predatory pedophile´s "dream-job" catholic priests are about half as likely to commit pedophile acts as the general population.

-No evidence suggests that catholics are more engaged in pedophilia than priests of other christian denominations

- 66 percent  of the abusive priests in the initial  US scandal were born in ireland or transferred to the US through Ireland - and this at a time where the irish catholics were at war with protestants and heavily supported by the Soviet Union.
Curious, indeed - Think that might have made it easier for "someone" to locate all those victims?
Why was it only catholic victims who came forward, not victims of pedophiles from other christian denominations aswell? Inquiring minds want to know...

Mosscows Assault on the Vatican - Paceba



Guess pat condell forgot to mention this in his recent rant
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