Revelations: Muslim School

Many thanks to A. Millar for finding this very interesting channel 4 documentary laying out the gradual street-level islamization of britain, and the creepy coercion excercised by the muslim community towards the native british families living in the neighborhood. 

Channel 4 Introtext
Muslim School traces the lives of two girls from very different backgrounds in their first year at a Muslim faith school.
The Nottingham Islamia has opened its doors to cameras, giving a rare insight, through the eyes of two children, into what it means to have a Muslim education in Britain today.
Seven-year-old Zara is third generation Pakistani, and Aysha, 12, is a white girl from a mixed English/Pakistani family. Both have transferred from regular state schools to the Nottingham Islamia: one of some 130 Muslim faith schools in Britain.
Inside the school, boys and girls line up separately at the start of each day for a timetable of Arabic lessons, Islamic studies, prayers, and a basic national curriculum.
At lunch time, the school stage in the assembly hall doubles up as a mosque, where staff and students pray together.
Filmed over one year, the film captures Zara and Aysha's lives both at school and at home as they make choices about their identity and beliefs.

Thanks to  englishnproud66 for the upload.

Frank Kitman