Peter Hitchens - The Abolition of Britain

Thjanks again to MuggedByReality
Peter Hitchens discusses his life, journalism, & excellent book The Abolition of Britain
This book offers a powerful polemic on the decline of modern day Britain.Hitchens identifies everything that he feels has gone wrong with Britain since the Second World War and makes the case for the 'many millions who feel that they have become foreigners in their own land and wish with each succeeding day that they could turn the clock back'. Writing with brilliance and flair, Hitchens
targets the pernicious effects of TV culture, the corruption and decay of English language, the loss of deference and the syrupy confessional mood brought on by the death of Princess Diana.

This interview is from year 2000. Needless to say, the decline has accelerated considerably since then. I found this saying review on amazon from 2008

Hitchens is always a good, if controversial read. His opinions are well founded and often well researched. This book tells you why UK society has been broken, why it might never recover and who did it. The devastation that has been waged while the UK has slept is truly shattering. I dont always agree with Hitchens and his opinions, but here he is dealing with hard edged fact. Fact that will enrage you and by the end of book will make you wonder what you have to do to change the social re engineering that the UK has suffered at the hands of the do gooders who have not always fully understood the ramifications of their handiwork. Hitchens covers everything from the Church of England to Law. Hitchens will admit that this book is out of date by 10 years as Blair was just coming to power as he closes the book. We all know what Blair has done to England since then. The vacuum created allows a much worse enemy to creep into our society. For American readers this book is s dire warning of what they must fight in their own society. Time to emigrate!

Frank Kitman