Mugabes Secret Famine

This film is an important reminder of the fact that state-controlled famines always become a favoured political instrument of socialist regimes. After starving the black population and launching a campaign of ethnic cleansing of all succesful white farmers, Mugabe has made the country with an abundance of natural ressources completely worthless within a decade.

People in the west who pride themselves of their anti-colonialism and preference for socialism might need to spend a couple of minutes contemplating, how their "idealism" actually help the poor Zimbabwean mothers who are now living in complete anarchy often forced to eat their own dead family members just to survive.

And this is not just Zimbabwe, it is Ethiopia, Sudan, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, North Korea etc. etc. But still leftists refuse to accept the simple fact that other world powers, such as the Empire of Evil or the big civilisation-eater called "The Umma", actually prey on all those poor regions which anti-colonialism have left defenseless against both Socialist "Revolution" or Islamic "Reversion".

The pride and pleasure leftists take in their own intentions, seems only toppled by the great care needed to hide the devastating consequences of their implementation from public scrutiny. And this hedonist aspect of western leftism is to my mind the most disgraceful of all. The self-indulging "masturbation of feel-good intentions" often labelled "idealism" is in reality, as all hedonism, heartless.
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Frank Kitman