Communist Psychological Warfare - Consultation with Edward Hunter 1958

MR. ARENS: Does this mean that the principal objective is to convert the people of the
United States to communism? Is their objective conversion, or subversion and conquest?

MR. HUNTER: Since Hungary, the world should know that communism is not an ideology
except as a weapon for conquest. The Red objective against the United States is not the
conversion of the American people to communism any more than it was to make true
Communists out of the American prisoners of war in Korea. The Communist system is a
power system, just as was that of Genghis Khan. We now have the same invading armies,
given a new, pious political phraseology, making them hypocritical in a manner that the
original hordes never were. The objective of all Communist conquest is simply use for
power. They seek to conquer the United States in a manner so that it “voluntarily” falls into
the Red orbit. If we have to be conquered by destructive nuclear-age weapons, it will be
considered a setback by the Kremlin. Their objective is to make the same use of the
American people as they make of the Czechs in the uranium mines in Czechoslovakia, and
as they make of the Chinese in the mills of China. We are to become subjects of a “New
World Order” for the benefit of a mad little knot of despots in the Kremlin.

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Communist Psychological Warfare
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Frank Kitman