Communist Brainwashing - General Walker

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General Walker introduces this video which was to be used by the U.S. Government to show the brutality of the Communists, but was never shown. This black and white video shows Russian film footage on Pavlov experiments with animals and humans.

Sounds Ronald Reagan doing the voice-over.

A bit of Wiki on General Walker

Walker organized protests in September 1962 against the use of federal troops to enforce the enrollment of African-American James Meredith at the racially segregated University of Mississippi. His public statement on September 29:

This is Edwin A. Walker. I am in Mississippi beside Gov. Ross Barnett. I call for a national protest against the conspiracy from within. Rally to the cause of freedom in righteous indignation, violent vocal protest, and bitter silence under the flag of Mississippi at the use of Federal troops. This today is a disgrace to the nation in 'dire peril,' a disgrace beyond the capacity of anyone except its enemies. This is the conspiracy of the crucifixion by anti-Christ conspirators of the Supreme Court in their denial of prayer and their betrayal of a nation.

Around this time that Walker got Lee Harvey Oswald's attention. Oswald, a self-proclaimed Marxist considered Walker a "fascist" and the leader of a "fascist organization." A front page story on Walker in the October 7, 1962, issue of the Worker, a Communist Party newspaper to which Oswald subscribed, warned "the Kennedy administration and the American people of the need for action against [Walker] and his allies."

Oswald began to put Walker under surveillance, taking pictures of Walker's Dallas home on the weekend of March 9–10. He planned the assassination for April 10, ten days after he was fired from the photography firm where he worked... He left a note in Russian for his wife Marina with instructions should he be caught.Walker was sitting at a desk in his dining room when Oswald fired at him from less than a hundred feet (30 m) away. Walker survived only because the bullet struck the wooden frame of the window, which deflected its path.

To find out more about the american POWs of the Korean War, read Jan Sejnas testimony 
To learn more about Communist achievements within the field of Mind control, I recommend The Anti-Humans (scroll down) along with Joseph Douglass brilliant lecture  The use of psychoactive drugs in covert political operations
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