Expelled: No intelligence Allowed

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Documentary about the use of evolutionary biology as a tool for persecution of christians.
I remember following the "creationism vs. evolution" debacle back in the 90s when it was hot. However it quickly became obvious to me that this was simply a disguised political issue, with little if anything to do with science. There is absolutely nothing keeping one from being an evolutionist when it comes to the development of the different species, while maintaining a creationist view of genetics and "the beginning of life". Even the most fundamental concept within genetic research, that of "genetic information" seems to entail "intelligence" at some level or other. Needless to say, Galileo Galileo, Newton and Maxwell were all creationists along with countless other great scientists, dwarfing anything the atheist crowd can muster. This leaves little doubt that holding the view of intelligent design in no way obstructs the mathematization of nature.

Anyway, not being a christian, I found it hard to see the relevance of the debate back then, except for an uncanny feeling of not understanding what all the fuzz was about.
Today I have little doubt that all the fuzz was about the left feeling entitled to indoctrination of christian children, in order to make sure they wouldn´t become evil republicans and pro-lifers when they grow up. Having successfully enforced public schooling on all citizens, the left of course wanted to ensure that the gullible children stick with the program, and continue the obligatory course "Christians-are-crazy", which had worked so well for decades - along with all the other classes in "Treason" "Sex-before-Marriage" "Cultural self-hate" "Hate Whitey" etc...

Ben Stein does a brilliant job at interviewing both evolutionists and creationists, and makes it obvious just how nifty the expulsion of accomplished scientists and curious journalists works out in the real world. "Fire one - educate 50" seems to be the strategy. And as we have seen with regard to another socialist science scheme - The great Global Warming Racket - boy does it work!

Highly recommended!

(Note: This film is part of the series on Christian Persecution - Click to view the materials in this series)

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Frank Kitman