Joseph Douglass Lectures on Chemical/Biological/Pharmaceutical Warfare of the Soviet Bloc

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Horrifying lectures by Joseph Douglass on the strategic thinking about biological/chemical and Pharmaceutical warfare behind the iron curtain.Doctors for Disaster Preparedness 22nd Annual Meeting June 25-27, 2004 San Diego, CA.

If from a United States defense standpoint, when concerned about chemical and biological warfare - Which is more important: Our iew of what these agents can do, or the russian view? I would submit to you, that what we think is rather irrelevant. And what is important is what the russians think. - Unfortunately this is not the case. The view of the United States when it comes to chemical and biological warfare is very rarely shaped by considerations of the threat. More often than not it is the result of mere imaging and the application of what I would like to call self-centered arrogance

Joseph Douglass second lecture on the weaponization of psychoactive drugs by the soviet bloc. It focusses on the key question, which is hardly ever asked, namely: what kind of knowledge and applications were actually developed through the extensive military testing of various psycho-active substances.
Dr. Douglass, a defense analyst, is the author of The Soviet Theater Nuclear Offensive and other books.
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