Mugabe and the White African

Explore the diversity of black-, white-, jewish- and arab ethno-centrism.

Stunning documentary about the racist/socialist persecution of white Africans in Zimbabwe, delivering a compelling portrait of a family fighting the violent expropriation of farms owned by whites. This film contains very many moments and rare insights into the destructive force of socialist/racial hatred and thievery.

Of course the deafening silence of the western media establishment about this ethnic cleansing of european immigrants is telling, to say the least.
These journalists are not really anti-racist at all, they act more like cold-hearted revolutionaries, bent on the destruction of their own kind, culture and country to pave the way for another socialist patriacide.

What they are desperately trying to hide is of course, that the de facto losers in all these socialist take-overs in african countries, is the exact same people they pretend to defend. Namely, the poor black workers who lose their livelihood, to power-crazed stalinists experimenting with the same kind of "land-reforms" which in the 20th century cost many more innocent lives than the both world wars put together.

When similar race-based land-redistribution was implemented in South Africa the result was disastrous, leaving 90 percent of the once prosperous farms wholly unproductive in the hands of the incompetent black farmers who took over. Again leaving the real black proletariat jobless and desperate in an evermore corrupt an crime-ridden society.

Be sure to watch Mugabes Secret Famine, revealing once again how controlled starvations of differnt parts of the public remain one of the most common tools for communist thieves to remain in power.
Mugabe and the White African is a 2009 documentary film by Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson.

The film documents the lives of a white family who run a farm in Chegutu, communist occupied Rhodesia, as they challenge the land redistribution programme that began in 2000.

The film follows Michael Campbell and his family as he challenges Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwean government before the Southern African Development Community tribunal for racial discrimination and human rights violations.

Here is an excerpt

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