Children of Terror

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This film deals with the militant madrassas in Sudan often inhabited by the orphans of the jihad in southern Sudan, Darfur, Nigeria and Chad. Here, the men are usually enslaved or killed; the women, if not killed, are taken north and sold after enduring sadistic rapes. But the children are often kidnapped and deported to terrorist training camps, where they are brainwashed into the Islamic ideology of hate and trained for military warfare against non-Muslims and the west. When they finish their schooling they are sent back home or abroad to establish sleeper cells and await orders from religious leaders.

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This strategy of child deportation and indoctrination has been documented in other wars on innocent non-Muslims and seems to be a jihadi tradition. At least, it carries the distinctive mark of the Islamic strategy: feed off the enemy while you fight him. Within this field Islamic teachings really are highly developed and innovative, applying hundreds and hundreds of often complicated schemes and rackets to bleed the dragon. In fact, "terror" seems to be one such scheme. The creativity behind these traditions of jihad, is so downright evil it boggles the mind, but when one understands the true implications of a doctrine of permanent war one realises a neccessity at work and begin to find these vicious systems of exploitation feeding off non-muslim societies time and time again. A kind of ancient jihad economics is in play, in which the kafirs figure as nothing but a natural resource.

The documentary contains original footage from these child terrorist camps which was sent to thousands of Muslims in the West to raise alms for jihad. In the video we are told that "these are the children the West fails to see, the children the West fears the most." "Each one of them has been trained with an AK-47 assault rifle and will do their duty to Allah and the Ummah when called upon to do so"

What this "duty" is, and how many of the "youths" of the West actually stayed in extremist madrassas before being welcomed as de facto refugees, "unaccompanied minors. asylum seekers, and immigrants we have yet to see. But human trafficking being yet another branch of jihad economics, one has to hope for the best but expect the worst.

The implications of this activity are of course immense, especially for Europe, due to the welcoming policies towards "unaccompanied minors", who has been let in, in the hundreds of thousands in the past decades. In most cases without authorities having any idea of their name, history, relatives or country of origin.
The above film contains the only material I have been able to find on this important issue, and I have therefore made a shorter excerpt of the fundraising video, which I urge reasders to forward.

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Frank Kitman