Wikileaks - US Minority Engagement Strategy for France

Interesting Wikileak from US ambassador in France recommending implementation of US affirmative action to further muslim integration. The phrase "in keeping with France´s unique history and circumstances..." is particularly fitting.

Classified By: Ambassador Charles H. Rivkin, Reasons 1.4(b),(d).¶1. (C/NF) SUMMARY: In keeping with France's unique history and circumstances, Embassy Paris has created a Minority Engagement Strategy that encompasses, among other groups, the French Muslim population and responds to the goals outlined

in reftel A. Our aim is to engage the French population a tall levels in order to amplify France's efforts to realize its own egalitarian ideals, thereby advancing U.S. national interests. While France is justifiably proud of its leading role in conceiving democratic ideals and championing human rights and the rule of law, French institutions have not proven themselves flexible enough to adjust to an increasingly heterodox demography. We believe that if France, over the long run, does not successfully increase opportunity and provide genuine political representation for its minority populations, France could become a weaker, more divided country, perhaps more crisis-prone and inward-looking, and consequently a less capable ally.

Thanks to Galliawatch via Diane West
Wikileaks - US Minority Engagement Strategy in France


Frank Kitman