My brother the Islamist

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TV review: My Brother The Islamist (BBC3) was - despite the niggling inaccuracy of its title – an object lesson in objective film-making.
How would you react if the stepbrother you’d grown up with, only a year apart in age, disappeared from your life for a couple of years, only to pop up again as a fundamentalist Muslim?

You’d go looking for answers, which is why Dorset tree surgeon Robb Leech set off to London to find out what had turned his stepbrother Rich’s world around.

My Brother The Islamist (BBC3) was, despite the niggling inaccuracy of its title – a play on the Muslim habit of referring to fellow believers as ‘brother’ – an object lesson in objective film-making.

There was footage of angry scenes, as protesters faced off at military parades, but this was not a film about taking sides.

Robb, a fundamentally cheery soul ‘happiest on a beach or up a tree’ was on a mission to find the brother he once had, rather than engage in heated religious debate.

Rich, now living in London and having changed his name to Salahuddin after converting to Islam, was perfectly cordial towards Robb but their every conversation hit an invisible wall.

Robb wanted to talk about their shared past but Salahuddin was more interested in Da’wah, the practice by which Muslims teach non-believers about Islam.

Although he tried as hard as he could, Robb couldn’t break that wall down.

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