Anti-Christ Superstar - Crowleyan Origins of Rock Pop and Hip Hop

Ed Bradley: You ever look at music, that you´ve written and looked back at it and said, "wow, that surprise me"?
Bob Dylan: I used to. I don´t do that anymore...
I don´t know how I got to write those songs..
Ed Bradley: What do you mean, "you don´t know how"?
Bob Dylan: Those early songs were almost magically written.

Darkness at the break of noon
Shadows even the silver spoon
The handmade blade, the child’s balloon
Eclipses both the sun and moon
To understand you know too soon
There is no sense in trying
Bob Dyland: Well... try to sit down and write something like that!
There is a kind of magic to that... and it is not the "Siegfried and Roy" kind of magic.
It is a different kind of penetrating magic.
And I did it. I did it at one time.
Ed Bradley: You don´t think you could do it today?
Bob Dyland: No.
Ed Bradley:Does that disappoint you?
Dob Dylan: You can´t do something forever. I did it once... I can do other things now.
But I cannot do that.[...]
Ed Bradley: Why do you still do it, why are you still out there on tour?
Bob Dylan: Well, it goes back to that destiny thing... I bargained with it. I am holding up my end.
Ed Bradley: What was your bargain?
Bob Dylan:... To get where I am now.
Ed Bradley: Can I ask you, who you made the bargain with?
Bob Dylan:With... with, you know... with the chief commander.
Ed Bradley: On this earth?
Bob Dylan: On this earth and in a world we cannot see

(Excerpt from the 60 minutes interview with Bob Dylan turning creepy. His first after 20 years of silence)

Christian spiritual deciphering of crowleyan elements in "the music that sparked the revolution" is one of the more difficult topics to post on. It is often scorned upon, simply because no single fact or statistic will ever be able to make the patterns stand out with sufficient clarity. I have therefore decided to simply compile the best documentaries and sermons on the topic in one single reference post.

I think it is fair to say, that after just a few hours of viewing there is a good chance that whatever natural scepticism one might have, will eventualy turn into genuine interest. Before viewing the below films, it might be good to try and recap some of the peculiarities of the Christian concept of evil. It is somewhat more complex than than the current humanist one, according to which evil simply translates into "intolerance" or "not being nice".
As far as I can tell, Christians view evil as stemming from a number of rebellious angels, whom God deemed to an empty eternal life in the athmosphere of the earth.The most important of them being the archangel Lucifer, often found in the shape of a serpent, ram or dragon.
From this athmospheric presence, these genderless, unreproductive beings seek to deceive,tempt, posses and corrupt the humans. They take pleasure in destruction, mayem and murder, and try to weaken family and nations by leading people off the straight and narrow. If you invite these beings in by prayer, ritual, or weaken yourself through drug-abuse, selfishness and immorality, then they are thought capable of channeling their might through you. Giving you a sense of power and pleasure in reward for letting them use your body and soul as an instrument of their schemes and longing for worship.The core of this understanding of evil and its markers is, I believe, deceit. This understanding of deception as the first sign of evil, has of course made Christians wonderfully vigilant over the centuries, and I think its fair to say, that it is exacly this vigilance, which we find terribly  lacking in the gullible dechristianized West of today.

Now, to an Aristotelian like myself, who is more inclined to define evil as simply the hatred of virtue, the christian perspective is indeed a different way of thinking altogether. But especially after reviewing below films, I realised, that the Christian perspective is able to reveal certain fundamental aspects of the so-called "youth-rebellion", which undoubtedly has reigned-in the cultural madness of today.
The christian perspective shows to what extent this rebellion was in fact an anti-christian movement. And how this anti-christian undercurrent seems to run through and unify both the new-age religion, the psychedelia, the revolution, the drug-use and the sexual liberation. Beneath all this one finds the same deep-seething hatred and contempt of the christian faith, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the musical expression of our age..
Furthermore, it is truely surprising to learn, how many of the key-players of modern rock pop, and hip-hop more or les openly admit and reveal extensive use of different kinds of crowleyan magic, and new-age spiritual channeling techniques. This is th interesting point, because if both the christians and the musicians acknowledge this, the point about "it all being superstitions" becomes mute.
Enjoy the show!

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