Muti-murders and Child Sacrifice in Southern Africa

African "medicine murders" or muti-murders is a savage practice, in which the victims, especially children are deliberately tortured, skinned or mutilated alive because the agony and pain is thought to increase  the "ju-ju" of the harvested body-parts.
Needless to say, this is one part of indigeonous African culture, which the media is not particularly eager to let the public know about. It could after all dampen western appetite for more mass-immigration, and disturb both the anti-apartheit campaign and the carefully crafted image of the noble savage.
Therefore the practice has been allowed to grow in the shadow of "political correctness" for decades, and is now getting  making its way into Europe. However, some western newsreports have begun to break the silence. BBC could recently reveal that british authorities have managed to rescue some 400 Ugandan children, who were trafficked into the UK for use in blood rituals.
And even more disturbingly, a spokesman for the Ugandan Anti Human Sacrifice Taskforce has stated that the over-all increase "is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity, and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly."  Polino Angela, a convert to Christianity and former witch-doctor, who himself butchered 20 people including his own son, says that he in Uganda "has persuaded 2,400 other witch-doctors to give up the trade since he himself repented in 1990." This should give some idea of just how widely the belief in the power of human sacrifice is held among tribal healers.

South Africa, where the below documentary was filmed, has had a "moratorium" on crime-statistics for  the past ten years and publication of recent figures is therefore banned from the public. But some alarming data were already available in 2001, where around 2,500 South-africans were caught in possesion of human body-parts many of which were traded through the  hospitals

African albinos are suffering particularly hard under these developments, because witch-doctors believe that albino body-parts are especially powerful for muti. The price of a full set of organs harvested from an albino is believed to be around 75.000 dollars. According to some estimates, around 10.000 albinos are currently fleeing certain parts of Africa(see embedded paper further below.) These prices has been interpreted by some investigators as an indication that Muti based on human sacrifice is accepted in some of the highest and wealthiest circles of African society.

Last month reports showed some characteristics of muti attacks on whites too, but I have been unable to determine whether or not whites are thought to have more or less ju-ju than blacks. 

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