Council of Europe's SECRET Report 1976 on the Turkish Atrocities in Cyprus

Thanks to Panos Ioannides, President of Movement for FREEDOM and JUSTICE IN CYPRUS, for obtaining this crucial report.

THE SUNDAY TIMES (London, 23 January 1977) secured a copy of a secret Council of Europe Report, which found Turkey guilty of violating seven articles of the European convention on Human Rights.

On the ground of the 1976 secret Report, THE SUNDAY TIMES published on 23rd January 1977 a first page massive indictment of the Ankara government for the murders, rapes and looting by the Turkish army in Cyprus during and after the 1974 Turkish invasion, together with an Insight Exclusive titled “Turk atrocities: What secret report reveals”.

To the fury of the Turkish government, the newspaper published extracts of the secret Report, that document the KILLING and EXECUTION of civilians (men, women and children), the REPEATED RAPES of women of all ages from 12 to 71, the ENFORCED PROSTITUTION of women and girls, the SYSTEMATIC TORTURE of people (including children, women and pensioners), and the SYSTEMATIC LOOTING in all Turkish-occupied areas of Greek Cypriot houses and business premises.

The Movement for Freedom & Justice in Cyprus has secured the full text of the Council of Europe's SECRET Report on the Turkish Atrocities in Cyprus, which should have been THE BIBLE of all Governments’ (of Cyprus and Greece)  efforts against Turkey since 1976…

Here is the Report (in English):

The Council of Europe s SECRET Report 1976 - Cyprus barbary
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Frank Kitman